"Close other tabs" should spare pinned tabs

Use case or problem

I consider pinned tabs as tabs that are useful to have all the time. After I accumulate a lot of other tabs, I wanna clean up with “Close other tabs”. Unfortunately, pinned tabs are closed as well.

Proposed solution

As with Visual Studio Code’s “Close other editors in group”, I would prefer if “Close other tabs” recognized that pinned tabs are meant to be always be there and would not be closed.

Current workaround (optional)

None. I just can’t use “Close other tabs” because I have pinned tabs, making it useless to me.

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Actually, I just realized that “Close others in tab group” does spare pinned tabs. So it does what I need.

However, I leave this feature request because the behavior of “Close other tabs” isn’t very useful to me otherwise, plus it’s inconsistent with “Close other tabs in tab group”.

But feel free to disagree and close this FR.

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