Clicking the "Link" button in "Unlinked mentions" makes the entry disappear, but not appear in "Linked mentions"

Steps to reproduce

Created a folder of Evernote notes, using the yarle-master code.
Copied that folder into my Obsidian vault folder hierarchy.
Restarted Obsidian.
Visited one of the imported notes, that listed another imported note in “Unlinked mentions” (in Backlinks pane)
Clicked the “Link” button. Nothing seems to happen.
Visited the mentioning note, and observed that the phrase is now enclosed in [[ ]].
Returned to the first note. No listing in the “Linked mentions” section. Also, the other note is no longer listed in the “Unlinked mentions” section.

Expected result

Expected to see the second note listed in the “Linked mentions” section of the first note.

Actual result

See the steps described above.


  • Operating system: MacOS 10.15.5 (19F101)
  • Obsidian version: Current version: v0.7.4

Additional information

Can you send us the two files that are exhibiting this behaviour? You can zip them and put them on dropbox/gdrive.

Is it possible that this importing procedure you used produces files with weird characters in it?

I have tried to boil this down to a simple example. What I have discovered is that I need to quit and restart Obsidian for the Linked mentions to show up in the Backlinks pane.

There have been other times even that didn’t work, but I haven’t been able to make it reproducible yet. I’ll keep tinkering.

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Any luck in repro’ing? If not we’ll move it to graveyard, but it won’t be locked. Feel free to come back with repro steps and we can move it back.