Clicking some weblinks creates a new md file instead

Ctrl-Clicking this link from an Obsidian note in Edit Mode creates a new Obsidian file with the name of whatever letter we ctrl-clicked on instead of opening the link in a browser

[InHand Networks IR300](

Steps to reproduce

  1. Paste this link into your Obsidian note
    [InHand Networks IR300](\)
  2. Stay in Edit Mode. Ctrl-Click on that link

Expected result

I expect the web page to be opened in my default browser

Actual result

The Obsidian note that I’m editing disappears and a new note has been created titled with whatever letter my cursor was over when I ctrl-clicked the link to open it.


Windows 10
Obsidian v0.12.19

Additional information

I have realized that this URL is malformed. There is an accidental backslash \ at the end. Even so, it seems like any URL in a standard format should be passed through to the default viewer regardless of address content.

the URL isn’t just maldformed, the \ that you introduce escapes the )
The \ when part of the URL should be urlencoded as %5C

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Oh right, that’s the escape character (I rarely have a need to use it). So maybe nothing should be done about it. Escape function is more important.

However, it seems strange that creating a new Obsidian note is what happens. That should only happen for internal links to notes that don’t exist. And if that ) is escaped than this example shouldn’t qualify as a link in any regard.

For Amazon, you can clean things up if you want:

Domain + dp + ASIN


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Oh really? That is a nice little gift!
Thank you for the tip :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: