Clicking on tag should filter in graph view

Use case or problem

I am going to be publishing my vault using Publish, and one of the big obstacles I noticed while using Graph View is that you can’t really navigate with Tags because they just go to the Search pane which breaks / interrupts the experience by taking the user out of the Graph. I would like users to be able to navigate by just filtering the graph view and keeping only those which are tagged the tag that was clicked.

Proposed solution

Instead of taking users to Search pane from the Graph View node click, just filter the graph. You could make this optional if people are used to the way things are, it can be opt-in.

Current workaround (optional)

Right now I have to manually type in the tag into the search box in the graph view, I cannot expect normal users to do this each time, feels like it would be too much when a simple click could make that possible.


I second this feature !

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Definitely should be a feature.