Clicking on "Obsidian" runs the Installation process again

What I’m trying to do

I downloaded Obsidian, but when I open the file, it just starts the downloading process again, instead of opening the app.
What can I do to open the app?

Downloaded from where?

Opening what file? (specifically. the name of the file, or show a screenshot)

What OS are you using?

I use windows 8. I downloaded Obsidian Version 1.1.16 from Github. Releases · obsidianmd/obsidian-releases · GitHub
The file is called Obsidian.1.1.16.exe.

Well, you really should download Obsidian from its homepage

Downloads from the repo are just useful if you run old machines unable to run the newest build of Obsidian.
In any case it seems you don’t have enough privileges to use Obsidian, try to deactivate your antivirus and similar apps that could interfere with application privileges

Ok, and then which file are you trying to “open”?

After you install Obsidian, are you trying to run Obsidian.1.1.16.exe again? That would start the installation again. You need to run the app file that got installed.

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