Clicking on link handling when the cursor in already on the link

Hi everyone,
I’ve read several other threads about clicking on links, including the changes made to Obsidian over the months, but there’s still one thing I can’t wrap my head around.

It seems an inconsistency to me, but wanted to double check before reporting it as a bug.

This is the scenario:

  • Editing mode: on
  • Source: off (that means it is in live preview mode)
  • Keyboard cursor on a link (that means that the link is in editing, you can see the double brackets around the link)

Now, if I pick my mouse, is there a way to open that same link the keyboard cursor is on in the same tab?
These are the things I tried:

1: Click on the link → it moves the keyboard cursor
2: CMD+click on the link → it opens the link in a new tab
3: CMD+OPT+click on the link → it opens the link in a new pane

The inconsistency is that if I set Source to on (that is the live preview is off) the second option (CMD+click) actually opens the link in the SAME tab.

Here’s a recap of my tries:

CleanShot 2022-10-16 at 18.57.18

Am I missing something?


PS: I’m on Obsidian 1.0.0 on Mac

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