Clicking on an emoji-only tag does not search for that tag

Steps to reproduce

Peek 2021-10-24 11-29

  1. Create a new note
  2. Create a new tag containing only an emoji, e.g. like #:world_map:
  3. Go to preview mode to view the note
  4. Click on the tag to list all pages with that tag

Note this bug looks the same way when community plugins are disabled (and emoji is copy-pasted from the web), and also looks the same when a new tag is created, instead of using an existing tag.

Expected result

All pages with the tag (e.g. #:world_map:) listed in the left tab

Actual result

Only shows tag:#, instead of tag:#:world_map:


Ubuntu 21.10, Obsidian v0.12.19 installed via snap

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It works for me.

@WhiteNoise thanks for taking a look. Could you clarify under which conditions you were not able to reproduce this bug?

I also just tried it on mobile (android) , same issue. Note that (at least on mobile) this only occurs in Preview mode, but not in Edit mode.

Win 10, the help vault.

Hey @dafrick, did u have Emoji Toolbar plugin installed and activated? Disabling & reload obsidian helps me to solve this issue.

Also i found opened issue on plugin github page: Tags containing emojis unsearchable in preview mode · Issue #19 · oliveryh/obsidian-emoji-toolbar · GitHub

Update: you can simple disable “Twitter Emoji” setting of plugin to fix this.