Clicking on a link which links to folded content doesn't expand the content?

Things I have tried

I have searched anything related to these terms, but I cannot find anyone else asking about, or reporting the same behavior. In the Obsidian docs, there is no mention of this as something that we’re not able to do: Folding

What I’m trying to do

I have been using the folded headings/sections, and I love them to help keep organized, and just see what I want to see. However, I’ve found that if I link to a heading or section from another note, and then try to click that link, it won’t auto-expand if the header or section is folded; in fact, it just takes me to the top of the page, meaning I have to unfold each individual section until I remember where it was.

This defeats the purpose of the folds, because I can’t leave them folded if I actually want to use linking. Posted in ‘help’ because I could just be doing something wrong, of course.

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Huh, it’s true. They don’t unfold when I clicked the link.
I guess this probably falls under feature requests or bugs.

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