Clicking consecutively on tags with ⌘ key pressed should add them to the search

Use case or problem

Suppose I have one or few notes opened, with #tag1 and #tag2 visible.

  • When I click on #tag1, it will add tag:#tag1 to the search → great !
  • Then, when I click on #tag1, it will void the search bar and add tag:#tag2 to the search instead → great !

Now, I may want to search for notes with both #tag1 and #tag2.
In that case, it would be very convenient that when I press the command key and click on both tags, both tags would be added to the search tag:#tag1 tag:#tag2 as an AND search, instead of replacing eachother

Proposed solution

Just add the fact that when modifier key is pressed, tag search add to each other instead of replacing each other. Simple but very powerful (at least in my case). Typically in the spirit of all these small crafted details that make Obsidian such a joy to use !

Thanks for your consideration !