Clicking an edge in Graph View automatically filters the results

Use case or problem

As a university student writing an engineering paper for a project, I am collecting highlights and ideas from research materials. Each paper has a dedicated page. Tags such as “friendly-jamming” and “game-theory” help a lot with identifying engineering areas, especially in the Graph View, where papers get interconnected by tags. This is really valuable as I am able to quickly review the material and see how papers are interconnected by common topics. It would be even more useful if there was a way to recall how a given interconnection is actually implemented, by showing the page name and a snippet of the tag in context.

Proposed solution

By clicking the edge directly, Obsidian automatically filters the results given by clicking the tag only by showing just the entry for the interconnected page. For example, given an interconnection between page Luke and tag dark-side, the query in the Search field would be tag:#dark-side file:Luke

Current workaround

By clicking a tag, Obsidian shows all the places in which that particular tag is used, grouped by page. This is awesome for a few edges per tag. As the number of interconnections increases, I feel searching the actual entry by scrolling or refining the search by typing the name of the page is not fast enough.

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