Clicking a url-scheme link to an Obsidian note doesn't open that note on startup if Daily notes plugin is set to open on startup

Steps to reproduce

  1. Setup: install Daily notes plugin, go in Settings and turn on “Open daily note on startup”
  2. Close Obsidian window
  3. From another app click on a link to an obsidian url or use Terminal open obsidian://open?vault=myVault&file=Daily%20Notes%2F2021-09-14

Expected result

The note the url point to is opened. The option to open the daily note on startup should not trigger if the startup is navigating to another note, as opposed to just opening the last opened note.

Actual result

The note in the obsidian url open and is immediately replaced by the Daily note for the day.


  • Operating system: macOS 12
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.16

Additional information

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we might remove “Open daily note on startup”. It’s creating too many problems.

I do like that feature a lot, it is my nagging reminder to write on my daily note. But I’d understand if it has to be done.

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable “Open daily note on startup”
  2. Create a note called “File A”
  3. Copy the Obsidian URL to that new note
  4. Quit obsidian
  5. Launch obsidian through the link you copied

Expected result

Obsidian launches into the “File A”

Actual result

Obsidian launches, but opens the daily note.