Clickable levels for nested tags

Use case or problem

I want to be able to click on the different levels of a nested tag and see it in the search panel.

My problem is that if you click on a nested tag, obsidian treats it as a whole unit
Example tag: #Themes/Programming/Javascript
If you click on this tag obsidian will show you the search results of “tag:Themes/Programming/Javascript” you can’t navigate to “tag:Themes/Programming” or “tag:Themes”

Proposed solution

Create an option in settings that once enabled breaks the nested tags in to levels and makes them clickable individually.
Visually the tag-pill element should change enough to make it clear that depending on where on the nested tag your mouse is, obsidian will make a different search.

Example using underline:


Current workaround (optional)

The work around to navigate using tags from the file is to manually add all the levels of the nested tag:

  • #Themes
  • #Themes/Programming
  • #Themes/Programming/Javascript

The problem is that this creates a lot of visual clutter and also increases the tag count

Thank you