Click on note in Backlink panel in a popout view open new tab in that popout view instead of in the main window

Steps to reproduce

In Obsidian 1.3.3:

  • Drag the backlink panel out of the main window to create a popout view.
  • Click on any note in the back link panel.

Expected result

In Obsidian 1.2.8 and before, clicking on a note in the backlink panel in the popout view open the note in a new tab in the main window.

Actual result

In Obsidian 1.3.3, the note is opened in a new tab in the popout view.

Additional information

Hope the video would make it easier to visualize
Behavior in 1.2.8: 1.2.8 - YouTube
Behavior in 1.3.3: 1.3.3 - YouTube

This issue is related to this FR: Multi column sidebar. I want to have a place to display all data related to a note (Folders, Tags, Bookmarks, Outline, Backlinks, Outgoing links, local graph) and I’m using the popout view as a solution for my need. The behavior in 1.3.3 disrupts my workflow.

Sorry, The actual result is the correct result.

Is the behavior mentioned here related to what I requested? Licat’s answer is 16 mins after yours and I don’t know if the 2 behaviors are related? If so I can wait till a new update roll out. Thank you!

I don’t think so.

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