Click Combination to open notes in new window?

Things I have tried

Tried several combination like alt+click on a link note, but none of this directly open notes in new window.

What I’m trying to do

I want to quickly open note in new window without right click it then select open in new window. Tried like CTRL+Click etc, but none of that works. Is it still unavailable?


+1 for wanting this! The best workaround I have so far if you want to avoid right-click is ctrl+click (or whatever combo opens in a new pane) and then in “Settings” → “Hotkeys” adding a hotkey or click combo for “move pane to new window” (or some similar wording). Downside is that this can mess up your existing pane sizes. Hoping for more click combo and hotkey options soon!

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@scholarInTraining is right, it may not quite elegant but it do work fine, thanks.

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To be honest, it’s less painful to just right-click the link and select the option without the hotkey. Keyboard shortcuts for the win, but not unless developers make it easier for us.

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