Click and Drag and Context Menu (right click) block reference creation (4 ideas)

Use case or problem

I would like better/easier ways to create block references than just entering ![[^^ to search for a block reference. Most notably I would like the ability to click and drag a line (block) from one note to another and have it automatically create the block reference and add it to the new area I drag to.

Proposed solution

Here are the 4 options/items I think would be very valuable:

  1. Can right-click (context menu) any line and have an option to create block ref by adding a ^block-ref-id to the end of that line and then copy to clipboard the ![[Page-Name#^Block-ref-id]] to be pasted somewhere else.

  2. Select a line of text and be able to click n drag the selection (like you already can) but then if you hold ctrl or shift or alt or some key combo, it turns that line into a block ref by adding the ^123445 id on the end and then wherever you drag it to will create the ![[Page-Name#^Block-ref-id]] .

  3. similar to how in search you can click n drag a result to create the page link wherever you drag it to, if you click n drag the result somewhere, it should create a block ref for you and insert into wherever you dragged it in the ![[Page-Name#^Block-ref-id]] format. If you click n drag the page itself, then it can keep the same functionality with creating page link. But if you click n drag one of the actual results of the search, then creates block ref.

  4. block reference “alias” / “footnote”. This is explained here: Inserting block contents into current note for further editing · Issue #30 · lynchjames/note-refactor-obsidian · GitHub


+1 for this. I really need such a drag and drop feature for mass referencing blocks. Honestly I think drag and drop is useless for copy and pasting as it is already very simple and should preserved for block referencing