Clarification on clicking in-line links needed, thanks!

Hey folks. Semi-new user here, excited to dive back in with all the changes since last I explored. Quick bit of help/clarification needed. Context - I created a new note in a new vault, wanted to test out bi-directional page links, so created [[New Note]]. Am I right in thinking that the only way to open [[New Note]] directly is cmd+click (I’m on a Mac), I can’t actually just click on the link like i would a hyper link?


Hey Chune - while in edit mode you need to cmd+click to follow a link, but if you switch to preview mode then you can just click the links. Either use cmd+e to switch between the modes, or at the top-right of the note there is a button for switching modes (next to the close button).

Note that you can cmd+ shift+ click to open in a new pane, too.