Citing non-academic resources

Things I have tried

Searching through several articles targeting Obsidian and citations (bibliographies).

What I’m trying to do

Find a method for easily generating references to non-academic web pages within my web browser.

I’m a technology worker who is investigating Obsidian (and the zettelkasten method) to see if it can improve my daily workflows. A large portion of my information comes from technology blogs and news outlets - basically non-academic resources. A lot of the feedback I’m getting when searching around how to manage this in Obsidian is almost exclusively targeting academic journals/research databases.

I’m struggling to find a non-intrusive method to easily generate references to these various sources when generating my notes. Any tips for how to accomplish this?

I use ZoteroBib for that use-case.
For some websites it might not pick up the right name/author etc. on the first try, but you can customize the fields and just do a quick “copy all” when you’ve input all your sources. Maybe takes a few seconds longer than copypasting a “raw” link into your notes, but keeping a neat reference list is way more useful to me.

For bonus efficiency:
If you use the Vivaldi Browser, you can either add ZoteroBib to your web panels or - if you only want to reference a single URL - add ZoteroBib as a search-engine shortcut into your browser, e.g. by typing

zbib <url_to_the_article_you_want_to_reference> into your address bar, you’ll immediately get the reference result as soon as you press enter. The search engine URL needs to be:

Thanks for the tip. It’s too bad they don’t offer a Chrome extension for it. Any idea how difficult it is to move to their main app (Zotero) for a use-case like this? The only reason I ask is that’s where they’ve developed all of their browser plugins.

Try the Zotero Extension for Chrome or any browser built on Chrome.

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