Cite this in new page

I want to be able to select a block in an existing page, and then create a block embed of this in a new or existing page.

When reading a captured note, I might decide to want to come back to this block later, or to create an observation/reflection/literature note on this. So I would want to create a block embed of this in another file. So I’ll just select the block that I need, hit a hot key or right click > cite, and a popup asks me where to cite this in.

Is this possible to be done?

This, perhaps…

You can transclude files or blocks.


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Thank you, but I don’t mean this. I know this function exists, but I want to be able to send a block as an embed to a new/existing page. The current ability is to “pull a block as an embed” to a page that you must already have open. I do use [[##xxx]] as a shortcut but it’s quite frictional.