Citations plugin showing references in settings, but not Folder

Hi all - complete noob to Obsidian. I am trying to use the citations plugin to import my Zotero library (I am on mac 11.6.1).

Have followed the directions on several tutorials and get the “loaded library with 155 references” blue info line, but nothing appears in my vault…

I have searched help and this forum but cannot see anything so far.

Has anyone else had this or know a fix? Hope that you can help - Hugely impressed with Obsidian so far.

tried both database formats (after creating the respective types from zotero) and several different locations on my mac, but still nothing showing up… Has anyone else had this issue?

Sorry, misunderstood the tutorials I was watching. I thought that my zotero library would populate a folder of notes but of course that is not the case.

Hi TimCanfer, I think I’m experiencing the same misunderstanding. What does the citations plugin do, if not create a folder with notes? Does this mean you have to create those notes manually?

I am glad that it is not just me! I have actually gone over to hypernotes now, but if I remember correctly it allows you to insert a new citation using your citation key. So if you have have gone through the steps try going to a new note and inserting new citation you should see your zotero citations there.

I hope that helps.

Thanks! I’m not sure that I understand how citation keys function. I’ll give that a search :slight_smile:

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