Citation plugin to open pdf in zotero

I’m new to Obsidian and not familiar with its options. I tried to insert markdown citation to pdfs in Zotero library, using the citation plugin. I found the synax [{{title}}] ({{zoteroSelectURI}}) not working as I thought. When I clicked on the link, the zotero is openned, with the item selected.

What I want to realize is, when I click on the link, the pdf is opened in zotero.
I searched the forum and found synax [{{title}}] ({{entry.files.[0]}}),
whose format is like C:\Users\user\Zotero\storage\XXXXXX\YYYYY.pdf,
where XXXXX is the item’s ID, YYYY the name of the pdf file.
But zotero won’t open when I clicked the link.

I tried [{{title}}] (zotero://open-pdf/library/items/XXXXXX) and finnally openned the pdf in zotero. But how shall I extract the string “XXXXX” in Obsidian, or with Handlebars synax?

Tanks for help.

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