Chronologically display all Notes in a folder (Zettelkasten Notebook)

Things I have tried

Playing around with the dataview plugin

What I’m trying to do

Hi obsidian,

I keep all of my ideas as separate notes in a folder named “Zettelkasten” and would love a unified note where all of the notes from the “Zettelkasten” folder are displayed chronologically.

Kind of like in a physical notebook, so I can have a quick overview of my recent notes.

Does anyone know how to do this?

All my notes include metadata and the tag “note” - maybe something could be done here?

Thank you

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How are you files named? Isn’t it normal to name “Zettelkasten” files according to a ISO 8601 variant of the date, aka if you sort the files by names, then they’re automatically sorted chronologically?

In that unified note, do you want just a list of the notes, or do you want them embed into that note?

Which metadata do you have in your notes, and do you need any of that to also display (if you want to embed the notes into that unified note)?


I make a note out of every “idea”, so I name the note after that idea. Kind of like a title for a thought.

I would want them embedded, so I can read them.

My metadata are:

type: note
creation date:

Thanks : )

Ok, I would then suggest to read up on Dataview, as that most likely will be the tool to help you achieve your goals, one way or another.

Another suggestion from me would be to add a summary field to your ideas, and not embed the entire note, but just list out the summary of the ideas (in chronological order) and then read those which seems interesting.

Two reasons for that previous suggestion. Firstly, doing embeds of larger quantities of notes, might not be easy/ideal using Dataview. Secondly, I think you’ll benefit from having the summary, and getting a quicker overview of the various ideas through a list instead of a complete notebook of all the ideas.

Anyways, here is a little starter script to get you going:

list summary from "ForumStuff/f48108"
where creation-date
sort creation-date asc

These list out the note name (as a link), and the (potentially added) summary field. Newest on the bottom, but if you change asc to desc the newest would be at the top.

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