Chromebook - "Login failed, please try again later" ad vitam

Hello everyone

I’m a student and just subscribed to Obsidian Sync but the Chromebook Obsidian version doesn’t seem to work properly… :frowning:

Things I have tried

I just tried to log me into my account. 10 times.

What I’m trying to do

I just want to use Obsidian Sync on my Chromebook. :sob:

Did someone else have the same issue?

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I would like an answer to this too.

I have the same issue running Version 1.3.1 on android (Galaxy A52s) - error advises “server overload”.

I would like to upgrade for sync feature but absolutely not spending a cent unless I can login on mobile.


I have an update (for my case only)! Obsidian mobile version (which I use on my Chromebook) is quite ticklish with connection instability. I think that’s why it displays “Login failed, please try again later”. I’ve tried with a more stable network and… the problem disappeared!


It’s not rigorously the same issue, maybe should you open a new topic and link it to this one?

@moderators could you add this topic into “bug reports” category? If applicable

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