Choose to open notes in the same tab per default

I would like to have the possibility, e.g. through the Editor configurations, to choose the default behavior when clicking on notes in the side panel or through the Quick Switcher panel. In particular, I would like to open the notes I click on directly in the same tab as the default behavior.

Use case or problem

I like to browse the notes by pressing with the mouse on then. I want to avoid that each note is displayed in a different tab. This otherwise opens several new tabs, which soon become impossible to manage.

Proposed solution

Add a dropdown menu where the user can choose the default behavior when clicking on a note, which can be to open the note in a new tab (as currently the default behavior) or opening the note in the already opened tab.

Current workaround (optional)

At the moment, I need to right-click on the note I want to open and select from the menu Open in the same tab.

Related feature requests (optional)

I have not found any related requests.

Notes are opened in the same tab by default. I am confused

Dear @WhiteNoise, thank you so much for the prompt answer.

I reviewed more carefully all installed plugins in my vault. After disabling one at the time, I found out that it was the plugin Opener, which has an option:

New Tab Default
Enable to open new files in a new tab (or existing tab, if it was previously opened). Disable for default Obsidian behavior.

Thanks to your prompt help, this issue is now resolved.

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