Checkbox vs control left click

What I’m trying to do

I want to generate a dataviewjs list of items with checkboxes that react to ALL mouse click events. Works fine for all, except control-left-click.

Things I have tried

After getting nowhere trying all sorts of things to identify why the control-left-click was not getting to the click event-handler (but control-right-auxclick was fine). I finally hit on running the dataviewjs query in another brand new vault. Same thing.

Using the debugger, I removed the global handler. Again. But his time control left was generating various popups that I didn’t manage to catch with a breakpoint.

I guess I’m wondering how to override those event handlers for the check boxes? Or something like that?

macOS (and windows, I hear) is doing this. The workaround appears to be to trap ‘contextmenu’ events. CTRL-left-click is the same as right-click.

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