Characters overwritten when moving to the middle of a completed line

Things I have tried

I tried googling “Obsidian text overwriting” and also looked through the forum, but couldn’t find anything.

I don’t have any plugins and disabled the custom CSS. I restarted Obsidian and it temporarily fixes the error, but it comes back after Obsidian has been open for a long time.

What I’m trying to do

Trying to edit a line that has already been typed. What happens is that the line length seems to stay fixed and instead the existing characters get overwritten (e.g. the dog sees → the smallsees instead of “the small dog sees” when trying to edit original sentence)
Current setup: Mac OS 10.15.4, using Obsidian desktop with no custom CSS or plugins.

Have you accidentally pressed the Ins or Insert key on your keyboard? It’s usually on the top right side and might be an abbreviation on another language depending on your layout.

Hmmm… that might be it actually. I tried it on my mac keyboard in addition to my external keyboard and assumed that the insert mode wouldn’t carry over, but it seems like it does. Thank you!

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