Changing the storage format of a Markdown file from unix- to windows format

Hi everyone

is there already a solution to @Drakemoor question from June 2023? I’m facing the same problem.

Drakemoor wrote:

The files Obsidian produces use the
instead of
I’m on a Windows machine and I would like the default line ending to be \r\n
I’ve looked through the options but I can’t find anything that controls it. Is that possible?
Thanks in advance.


There’s no way in the app itself. I don’t know of any plugins that do it but you could try searching the plugin store.

Out of curiosity why do you want to do this? I believe Microsoft finally updated Notepad to handle Unix line endings properly.

Thanks for the quick reply.

The diff tool, which we use as part of our version management, gets confused with the different line endings.

Some diff tools have an option to ignore whitespace changes, which you could look into if it’s the case for you.