Changing the computer

I had problems with my computer with windows 11 and I started using an old one with windows 10. I uploaded Obsidian without problem and linked the vaults I have.
Again, the link worked and all my files where shown in my new (old) laptop.

However, documents in each file are missing. Additionally, where I try to open those documents from Word, I noted that the file extensions are not .doc anymore. Now are .md

There is something that I have to do to start seeing the documents?

Thanks very much in advance for your help

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

Could you describe more in detail what you are talking about here?

What does “uploaded” mean? How did you do it?

What does “linked” mean? What did you do? Are you simply referring to opening the vaults in Obsidian? Or is it something different?

Obsidian vaults are just folders with files on a computer. To move to a new computer, you would transfer the files in any ordinary way. If by “uploaded”, you used some kind of a tool or process, it would be helpful to know what that tool or process was.

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