Changing Site ID post #2

A while back I asked about changing the publish site ID, sadly the response didn’t;'t help me.

Old post Is there anyway to change your publish {site-id}?

I’m not looking to replace the title shown on the webpage, I’m looking to change the text in the URL, I guess rename the location.

e.g. The URL currently says and I would like to change that to

Or is it, when you first set up publish you are stuck with the first thing you called it?

I took a look around and don’t see anywhere to change it, might be worth emailing support as it might be something only they can change.

As a workaround you could set up a custom domain via Cloudflare :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding. I was considering a custom domain. I have a couple for other things, so it’s just one more, but I think you’re right that I should check with their support first. I get that they don’t want folks making and claiming names willynilly, but I would hope that they have some sympathy for people who are just starting to learn. I don’t think, in the Publish documentation, there was a warning about permanency of the site id, so choose with future uses in mind…could be wrong, I tend to fly through that boring stuff, which gets me in positions like this…

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