Changing font colour for Amethyst.css

I am using Amethyst.css as theme in Obisidian.
How do I change the font colour of the text I am editing?

Many thanks in advance.

WOW! Is it this one?

Amazing it still works! You may want to think about using a more updated theme that will have settings to easily change using the Style Settings plugin.

Until now Amethyst worked just fine.

Thanks for your reply though. So following your suggestion I installed a more recent theme: i. e. Sparkling Night. I still can’t find any option or a solution to change colours on my text font.

Any ideas?

Sparkling Night doesn’t have anything to set in Style Settings :sob:, but this CSS snippet will work for changing the editor font color.

/*- source+live preview font -*/
.markdown-source-view.mod-cm6 .cm-scroller {
  color: var(--color-orange);

/*- reading mode font -*/
.markdown-preview-view, .cm-scroller {
  color: var(--color-orange);

After color: you can put a version of:

  • var(--color-green);
  • blue;
  • #ff4162;

…and more. Your choice. :+1:t4:

Thank you very much - this worked perfectly.

Thanks again for the quick response!

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