Changed files folder

Create a folder where copies of all changed notes are stored. When a note is changed copy a version of that note with a timestamp into that folder.

If one is editing a note, show the history of the old versions.

It should be possible to make a quota for this folder.

I think a folder that copied notes on change would get quickly out of hand. Sync already has version control or you could use git if that’s your cup of tea.

@argually what problem are you trying to solve? The template is there for a reason! It helps us give you advice if you’re facing a problem that already has a solution. I’ll move this to #help in the meantime.

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I am using NextCloud to sync my obsidian folder. I lost a file. I assume it happened because of name a note with an inappropiate filename. I tried to recover the file via the NextCloud Version history, but that did´nt work.

So I came onto the idea to create a folder with all changed files.

Do you happen to remember the name of the file? My guess would be that nextcloud doesn’t sync it, but it won’t delete it. It might be available locally on the machine you created it.

It seems to me that nextcloud does have some version control (depending on your version I guess): Version control — Nextcloud 15 User Manual 15 documentation
Did your file ever get picked up by it at all?

Circling back to the folder idea, what would happen to those notes stored in the “recently changed” folder? Do they ever get deleted? And when? What happens if you edit notes on different places, do you get two different notes for each change? How do you merge them?

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I highly recommend using git for this. If you periodically synchronize your vault with a service like GitHub, you will get a great log of your history, which will not be deleted unless you choose to delete it yourself. There’s a great plugin that can sync your vault with your git repository automatically. Steps 0-5 in this article by Bryan Jenks might be helpful:

After setting up a repository, you can use the Obsidian Git plugin to automatically synchronize your vault with your git provider of choice:

Thank you! I will check this out!

And also Thanks to Bryan Jenks for his work!

Thank you! Yes it was my “start here”- File… The NextCloud Version Control did´nt help here. I could´nt find any older versions. But I found out, that that was reasoned in renaming the file. And I looked up the renamed file-version (which had no older versions). The original file had the version history.

I will try out the GitHub Sync Method.

Here’s a great beginner tutorial that will take you step by step:


Thank you Jonathan. I have red the GitHub Privacy Terms:

I have concerns to sync my vault.