Change Title of Embedded Search

Things I have tried

I searched “embed search” in the forums but have not found any post regarding this matter.

What I’m trying to do

I want to change the title (underlined in red) of the search because as it stands, it is a bit ugly and I would like to customize it to whatever I would like (e.g. Searching for hi). Is this possible?

If I can’t customize the title, then I would at least want it to be such that there are no quotes around it and such that I can disable what previews. For example, in my case, I don’t want the path to be displayed because that isn’t very helpful for me in this embedded search. Now, is this possible? If not, I will change my post flair to a Feature request after someone responds.

I know I can use CSS to remove the title, and then I could manually add my own title, but that feels like a really annoying solution.

Query Control will let you customize the title or hide it (among other things). It’s experimental (needs manual install or with BRAT), but I’ve been using it for a while with no issues.

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Yep, this seems to do the trick - thank you.

Hopefully this can be added to core Obsidian as well.

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