Change title in main application window?

What I’m trying to do

I am using Obsidian 1.5.12 on Windows 10.
I would like to change what is written in the top of main application window.
Currently it seems it have this text: {name of note} - {name of value} - Obsidian {obsidian version}

I would like to change either to something custom that is specific to the vault, or to start with the name of the vault.

Reason I want to do this is because I have (for security reasons) multiple vaults and Obsidian applications open. But I can’t see the difference between the different vaults in the taskbar because I only see the name of the note, which is not useful to determine which vault it is.

A completely alternative solution to my problem that I would rather prefer is if it was possible to have multple independet vaults open in the same application window. Maybe shown under multiple different tabs on the upper left side of the application, a bit like tabs in a web browser.

So is there a simple way to set what is title bar of the application that is specific to each vault? I imagine that compared to everything else that is possible in Obsidian this must be a very simple thing to implement if not alreay available somehow. I am thinking some CSS snippet could change some style that is propagated to the title bar, or some variable in any of the appliation .json configuration files in the vault folder.

Also for security reasons I really rather not use any custom plugins that could potentially have some malicious code. I have just a few of the core plugins enabled, and no “community plugins”.

Things I have tried

I have looked through all the possible settings that I can find.