Change since 2 days ago effecting Chrome OS

Working on Chrome OS/Samsung Chromebook Version 101.0.4951.59.
Obsidian version 1.20

Problem: 2 days ago my system started doing this:

  1. Open Obsidian to a note I have been working on for Bible Study
  2. Obsidian, for first time ever, now asking to share/manage files. So I grant access.
  3. Go to Note
  4. Begin to type
  5. With EACH character/stroke I get “Failed to save file [myfile which I am working]. File NOTCREATED. Make backup of the contents of this file now to avoid losing data”
  6. I notice that my notes, with new lines such as “This still doing this - Yes” IS being saved each time I re-start Obsidian/system. But the fail message is taking over the screen!

I have restarted system several times. Same thing. Someone please help! Obsidian has been great for last year and moved a lot of notes over to it!

Looks like no one to help? I may have to ditch Obsidian.