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Hi im new to this, so bare with me. Im not sure if Obsidian is the right system for me, but id like to give it a try.
Im a MD and would like a system to categorize diseases and symptoms.

Most diseaes are categorized by organsystem. f.ex heart diseases.
But most patients complains of symptoms, not of particular dieases, and those symptoms can be part of many diseases across meany organ systems.

I would like a way to keep diseases organized by organsystem, like a hiearchy:

Heart Diseases

  • Atrial fibrillations
    • Symptoms
      • Dizziness
    • Diagnostics
    • Treatment

Neurological Diseases

  • Stroke
    • symptoms
      • Dizziness
    • Diagnostics
    • Treatment

I understand how that can easyly be done, but my problem is:

I also want to be able to organize all this by symptom, so that by a simple operation it would look like this:


  • Dizziness
    • Causes:
      • Atrial fibrillation, Stroke
    • Diagnostics

In this way i can easily change perspective, and find possible causes for easch symptoms, and corresponding diagnostics.
I would love this represented as an index like my example or as a graphic tree-view.

Is this even possible?

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