Change Obsidian language (locale)


I’m a Roam-to-Obsidian “convert” from Bulgaria, currently using it on Windows 10. Unfortunately, I have trouble setting-up the locale (regional format) of the app to match my language (there is no Bulgarian translation at this moment). You see, Bulgarian is written using the Cyrillic alphabet (like in Ukraine, Serbia, etc.), however there are noticeable differences in how some letters in the Bulgarian Cyrillic script look compared to other Cyrillic languages’ letter shapes (Russian, for example). Plenty of fonts support this difference via OpenType (Stylistic Sets/Stylistic Alternates), but I see no way to tell Obsidian to use the Bulgarian localized form of a certain font (Raleway, Manrope, Overpass, Commissioner, Google Sans, etc.). In HTML, a simple declaration is enough, but I see no way to set this in Obsidian. My system locale is set-up correctly in Windows… Also, everything looks as it should on MacOS, iOS and Android, so I guess Microsoft are just lazy to implement this like Apple and Google have, so I’m looking for a workaround… In Roam, overriding this was super easy using plugins in Chrome/Firefox/Edge, but I can’t find a way to do it in Obsidian on Windows and it’s killing me (imagine typing something in English, but 1/3 of the letters look different…).

Thank you for reading!

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