Change logic for "internal linking"

0.6.7 support internal link like [[#title1]]. However, when you press “[[#”, you will always get one unrelated note. For now the only way to get internal linking is press “esc” before “#” which is annoying.


Haven’t been able to reproduce this. When I type [[# I immediately offered with a list of headings in the current note to link. Obsidian also adds the name of the current note for some reason (my guess is to preserve links in case the piece of text containing a link is moved to another note).

What is your experience?

I’m seeing the same thing as @liangzh, on typing [[# it immediately selects the first drop down note title and not populating the list with Headings:

In the last entry, I need to hit Esc then type # for it to populate with headings.

On Windows, Obsidian v0.6.7.