Change Link Name

Ok. Be easy with me. I am still in the baby stages of learning markdown and I want to go a bit further. :blush:

I am not having any trouble creating links within notes i.e. [[Test]] in Obsidian or [Test] in other apps. I woukd like to replace the [[Test]] with the words click here for instance.

I spent 2 days looking online and searching the forums here and I am banging my head.

If what I’ve found is correct, there should be several ways, to mention a couple, linking to the file, or linking to the header. Perhaps it only meant the header of the note you are currently in?

I don’t know if this is pertinent, but the files reside in Apple iCloud.

Any help would be great,

[[Test|start here]]

I suggest you read the included help vault.

Thank you so much @WhiteNoise

I have been through sections of the help vault a couple times, but that was when I was just getting started. I see I should revisit the vault again. I never thought to look there.

I appreciate your help and patience.