Change default theme body text color - Windows

On Windows, Obsidian’s default body text color is a medium dark gray. I want the default text to be black. I don’t want to use another separate or external obsidian.css file and only want to modify the default font. How can I do that? There is no default .css file to modify - at least that I can find. I’m using 0.9.4 on Windows 10.

PS - I think part of the problem is that I cycled through some of the custom css themes which overwrote obsidian.css. Now, to get back to default seems impossible. Do I have to reinstall the full app?

If you disable the Custom CSS setting in Preferences → Appearance, it reverts to the default theme (and in fact, completely ignores any obsidian.css file).

If you just want to change the text colour, enable Custom CSS in Preferences → Appearance, delete everything in obsidian.css (or if it doesn’t exist, create a new blank obsidian.css file, and add the CSS settings to change the text colours as you desire.

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Hmmm… a bit tricky in Windows -> does this look right?

.theme-light {
–text-rgb: 0, 0, 0;

body.theme-light {
–text-normal: rgba(var(–text-rgb), 1.0);

PS- that didn’t work BTW. Because, removing the full obsidian.css and just adding the font changes within a new blank obsidian.css alters the entire Obsidian UI.

Yes, you’d still have to use the right selectors to get to the elements you want to change. Generally that means working within the .obsidian-preview-view and .obsidian-source-view classes for content text, and others for UI elements. The process is straightforward but non-trivial.

You may find more speedy success by selecting a theme you like and editing the colour variables in it to suit your tastes.

Is the default obsidian.css available anywhere? Or, if I reinstall the app is the default obsidian.css recreated?

The default theme styling is bundled with the app. There is not a separate obsidian.css file. The default styling is always there. When you add a obsidian.css file you are overriding, not replacing, the default styling.

To add to Sam’s answer: the default obsidian.css is always there, under the hood. If you disable the preference I mentioned above, you’re operating with the default theme.

I was able to finally find a 3rd party theme that was close enough to the default that I was able to modify to my liking. Thanks for the help!!

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