Change default behavior of Tab on a collapsed block to indent the whole block

Use case or problem

Problem 1:
When working with collapsed blocks, triple clicking the text does not select the … representing the collapsed lines. Then using Tab or Sh-Tab only changes the indentation of the current line, not the whole block. After a faulty “indent collapsed block” action, the sub-block remains collapsed but is no longer actually a sub-block of the current line.

Related Problem 2:
When working with long blocks of indented text, a series of UI steps are required to change the indentation of the whole block. Collapse, select, select ‘…’, Tab, un-collapse.

Proposed solutions

(for an example of the desired behavior look at Workflowy)

  1. Default action for Tab or Sh-Tab on a line followed by indented lines should change the indentation for all subsequent indented lines.

  2. Triple click on a collapsed block should include the … by default. (or implement #1 appropriately)

Side issue: Adopting #1 makes it more challenging to just indent the current line. IMO this is a much less common desired action and is worth the small cost of repair compared to the gains from supporting the most commonly desired outcome.

Current workaround

  • Collapse the sub-block
  • Triple click to select the parent line
  • Sh-L-Click after the triple dot to include it in the selection
  • THEN Tab or SH-Tab to change indentation
  • Uncollapse to see if it worked properly
  • Be cautious - always uncollapse to check your results
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