Change case options on keyboard shortcut for ALLCAPS, Title Case, lowercase, Sentence case

This is something I implement in any app I use for writing immediately.

I usually Superkey + # (1-4) to get these universally on apps in Mac OS. But it requires that the particular apps allow for that functionality. Otherwise the shortcut doesn’t do anything.

That’s what I’m experiencing in Obsidian — just a complete lack of the very basic ability to change or toggle between case types. This is such a useful functionality to implement it seems like a massive blindspot that it’s not already available in the superflexible and pragmatic Obsidian.

Please, please, please do this. Or someone make a plugin.

Thanks in advance.

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There are a number of community plugins available to change case, including:

  • Smarter Markdown Hotkeys
  • Text Format
  • Toggle Case
  • Change Case
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