"Chain of Thought" for Local Graph

I find the local graph to be useful, but at depth=2, busy nodes are already cluttered, and doesn’t give me the help, or the clarity of thought that I would like. Clicking a new node is great, but it closes the previous node, losing the relation to the matter.

I would like a way to use the graph more hands-on and intelligently, increasing the signal and reduce the noise of the graph, by discovering and creating local relations as part of an intermediate “chain of thought”.

Proposition: Chain of thought
I would like a way to expand the node structure to follow my own chain of thought by a step-by-step expansion of the graph, opening and closing nodes to create an intermediate breadcrumb or path.

If this is not a feature I just haven’t discovered, I (at least right now) believe it could make a lot of sense in the linking my thinking.

Say the local core file / (let’s call them nodes) “A” has 10 connected nodes A1-10. I would like node A to stay in view, while I open – say – the fifth node in that tree, lets call it A5. From here I could “walk” the tree by opening nodes B3, C4 and so on, to create an intermediate chain of thought; a breadcrumb path. I could even even add multiple “cherry-picked” files from each level. (Like B1 and B5).

Supporting ideas

  1. One could strengthen and mute or deemphasise certain nodes, to have the graph display only the items that makes sense in this Chain of Thought.
  2. The view could be saved, just like the canvas (or AS a canvas) or even be auto-compiled as new file. This could take the form of a map of content or just a new type: #COT, Chain of Thought.
  3. Even pulling files/nodes in from the file to see what strong or weak links they have, or does not have (but perhaps should have) to one another would also be amazing.

I’m relatively new to Obsidian. This is my second post on the forum, and I have a lot to learn about this fantastic program and community. I have seen relatable posts, but not of this specifically. If this not is already a core feature, or a plugin I have missed, please point me to it and excuse my forum-fu.

But if not, what are your thoughts, and would it be possible to create?

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