Centered way to add tasks to daily notes without opening them

What I’m trying to do

Hello, y’all! I’ve been using Obsidian for a few days now and I stumbled on a tricky problem: I want to add tasks to the daily notes without opening them. I’m using the Tasks plugin so I want to have the dates/priority/repeat working (especially with natural language).

First I had a note where I wrote the tasks, but all calendar plugins available were unable to fetch from there (most use the daily notes and there is one view that works, but I don’t want to maintain JS code).

I don’t have a problem in moving theses tasks to the daily notes, but it feels weird opening a daily note and writing a task that has no connection to it or thinking about which daily note to open just to match the date on one of the filters.

It’s worth mentioning that I set up a home note with Tasks filters so I don’t need to open the source. I’m also centering all my things on Obsidian, so I wanted to manage events with the tasks and have a calendar view (in the future I also plan to sync with Google calendar).

Right now, even with QuickAdd and Templater, I’m unable to make Tasks recognize the dates with Dataview format, the only filter that is working is the priority one.

Any tips or suggestions for ways to handle the tasks are also welcomed as I just want it to work the easiest way possible. Thanks in advance!

Things I have tried

I’ll list what I tried, and if needed I can explain them further.

  • Used QuickAdd syntax on a capture choice in a format similar to {{VALUE}} [due:: {{VDATE, due_to}}]. It didn’t work (for example with “today”) and I also discovered that the Tasks maintained the field even with an empty value.
  • Tried the solution above with templater (both with <%%> and <%*-%>).
  • Tried the solution above with quick add js inline code.
  • Tried the solution above with the “@” syntax of the Natural Date plugins.
  • Tried the solution above with some text snippets plugins.

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