Capturing emails (Outlook - Mac)

I’ve seen a few posts on workflow for capturing email (including any attachments). I am aware of the posts with an IFTTT workflow. I wonder if there are any other options. (I haven’t signed up for IFTTT and not sure I want another tool)

At this point, one workflow involves sending an email to my Omnifocus account (I am a Pro user) and then I can cut and paste the result into Obsidian. This appears to work OK.

As folks know, simple drag and drop is not working.

I am seriously evaluating Obsidian as a Plan B in a move away from Evernote, and this is one feature I do make use of.

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I use a thow-away gmail account and the obsidian-google-mail plugin. Sent myself the email, and it gets deposited to my Obsidian “Inbox” Folder

Interesting - but does this deal with attachments?

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