Capture Web Pages to Vault Folder Directly - 1 Click (AHK)

Figured I’d share an improvement upon a video I found which detailed a method for capturing webpages into Obsidian. I was inspired by Notion’s WebClipper and wanted to click once to put files in a drop-box in my Vault. Code mainly taken from here and modified very slightly to fit Obsidian.

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Later on I plan on sprucing up this script with regex or list matching so that it can search for new files and place them in a specific Zettelkasten inbox (e.g. look for “python”, put in Programming/Python/Articles)

You will need:

After installing AutoHotKey:

  1. (Optional) Create an Autohotkey Scri

  2. Open a text editor of your choosing, and paste the following code into it.

  3. Change the “srcPath” variable to your browser’s downloads folder (for me, I just set this to be C:\Users\Me\Downloads). Don’t forget the quotes!

  4. Change the “destPath” variable to fit the destination folder - I set this to “C:\Users\Me\ObsidianMain\Main\A INBOX” for my Folder “A INBOX” in my vault “Main”.

  5. Save the file as MarkdownMover.ahk.

  6. Run MarkdownMover.ahk with AutoHotkey - every 60 seconds any .md files in your downloads will be moved to a designated folder in your vault. If you want to get fancy you could have multiple folders that you move to, with regex or list matching as mentioned above.

Semi-Optional steps to have the ahk script launch on logon.
5. Open Windows Task Scheduler (not task manager)
6. Create a New Basic Task which runs your AHK file. Set it to run on Logon or Daily (I’m not sure how AHK handles repeated launches, so I chose logon)
7. Enjoy living in luxury.

srcPath := "REPLACEME"
destPath := "REPLACEME"

SetTimer, TheMover, % 1*60*1000 ; check once every minute

	Loop, Files,% srcPath "\*.md"
		FileMove,% A_LoopFileFullPath,% destPath
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