Captioned/Titled code blocks and single line copy button

Use case or problem

I keep note pages with lots of example code blocks that I often copy and paste for penetration testing purposes. Such as common reverse shells, or other standard things that you type a lot.

For those I often use either a single line code block with some explanation for what it is like
this is some code (this is an expalnation)


some code;
on multiple lines;

And the second case has a nice little “bash” button you can click to copy the code block to the clipboard

Proposed solution

What I am suggesting is to allow for a more bolded caption to the multi-line code block like

some code;
on multiple lines;

Where it would display Stablizing Shell as a bold title for that whole code block

And it would also be nice to allow for a single line code block to have a copy button as well.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, I just put descriptions ahead of the code blocks but this wastes visual space.