Canvas: Zoom and Links between Canvas Objects

Great Job so far canvas is definitelly one of the best Obsidian plugins so far, but …

Use case or problem

What would be great if you could implement some sort of linking ID system, so you can create a link (clickable) from Object 1 to object 2,3,4 and so on/ so you don’t have to zoom out to locate another card or other element on the board

In Miro for instance, this is called Frames, every Frame has an ID which can be triggered from everyware on the board this way you can create flow between all frames my moving from one to another without changing the zoom level.

Proposed solution

Every object on Canvas board will have an ID assigned to it so it can be found enyware on teh board as well as you can create a hyperlink from other card/object and skip/jump between them without draging (Space + Hold) manualy or changing the zoom level

Current workaround (optional)

Non, the only work around is to manualy move accross teh board with the Space pressed in , a bit counterproductive i would say


Excellent suggestion. This would add A LOT more use

I am so much loving the new canvas!!!


Example Video

Although it’s not possible to jump to every node, it is now possible to jump to groups. Here’s a quote from the v1.1.10 release notes:

Canvas: New “Jump to group” command allows quickly jumping to a group by name.

The accumulating improvements are amazing to behold. Thanks!

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