Canvas: Support 'Narrow to heading' with duplicated headings

Use case or problem

I have a Thesaurus note with multiple headings with the same name (e.g. Noun, Adj, …) and the upper heading level is the topic (e.g. Study, Business, Music, …) In Canvas when I ‘Narrow to heading’ to target ### Noun (under the upper heading ## Study), it embeds to another ### Noun from other topic (such as ## Business)

Proposed solution

I would like Canvas to support Narrow to heading works with multiple headings with the same name

Current workaround (optional)

I have to Narrow to heading at higher level (e.g. Study, Business, Music, …)

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I reworded the title slightly. (Was “Canvas cannot ‘Narrow to heading’ with duplicated headings”.)

Yes, it can only ‘Narrow to heading’ of the first duplicated heading; other headings with the same name after the first cannot be narrowed to.

also interested in this feature.

also was doing some testing and noticed that it’s also not possible to embed headings with the same name of the same name – similar to this.

My alternative solution is to add emoji to make headings different, which works great for me.

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I too have encountered this behavior. But to me it is not a feature request, but rather a bug report. When selecting a header we look through the whole structure, and the fact that by selecting the desired section we see another one on the board is definitely a bug.