Canvas: slowdowns and freezes in a few themes and plugins

Steps to reproduce

Themes: Minimal, Shimmering Focus, Blue Topaz
Plugins: Style Settings or Highlightr.

Expected result

Everything is fine.

Actual result

Almost the same slowdowns and freeze after hasty camera movements. Some appear only on large canvases. The effect is like Obsidian trying constantly to buffer something.

Themes are outside of Obsidian’s control. Some haven’t been updated since Canvas was released. Best to submit a bug report on the theme’s GitHub page.

The problem associated with both themes and plugins and also has a very similar effect. Obsidian developers have debuggers and if there is a universal solution, can fix this. Or at least advise something to plugin and theme developers.

We don’t take bug reports involving themes or plugins. Narrow it down and report it to them. If there is a problem with Obsidian Core they report it to us.