Canvas: Show inline title for narrowed sections regardless of appearance setting

Use case or problem

  • Users should be able to see the “title” of a narrowed section independent of whether they want to see the “title” of a whole note (e.g. the “Show Inline Titles” appearance setting)
  • If “Show Inline Titles” is OFF, “Narrowing” to a specific section means you lose the context of what the section is.
  • Most people probably toggle “Show Inline Titles” based partially on whether all their notes start with a Title (e.g. H1) vs simply relying on the file name for the “Title”. This represents a significant preference divide between users which leads to the need for the “Show inline title” as a high-level option.
  • Currently users who have e.g. H1 titles at the top of all notes likely need “Show Inline Titles” OFF, however this means they will never be able to see the titles of the narrowed sections

Proposed solution

  • Solution 1: add a new setting for “Show Inline Titles for Narrowed Note cards in Canvas”
  • Solution 2: Add “Show inline title” setting specific to each canvas note card (narrowed or not)

Current workaround (optional)

  • No workaround
  • Using CSS snippets, inline titles can be shown in canvas independent of Appearance setting, however these can not be enabled only for narrowed sections.

Related feature requests (optional)

  • Didn’t find any

I agree on this one. +1

+1 I totally concur.

+1 just running into the same issue