Canvas output

So far I absolutely love the canvas feature. It is incredibly helpful in showing relationships and connections in complex corporate structures. However, I see no way to export/print the canvas. Export PDF does not work. Short of a macos graphic grab is there a way to do this?


Good question! I can imagine this being a popular feature request or even a Plugin idea. Since the canvas is coded in a json, it would seem logical that the structure could be parsed into some sort of legible markdown file similar to other mindmap softwares sometimes offer. There would be some circumstances, like the bi-directional arrow, that might require some finesse to arrange into meaningful structure. But it definitely seems possible and useful.


The standard format for this type of export is OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language).

OPML is hierarchical. Canvasses need not be.

Ah, that’s not good. Is there an existing appropriate format, do you know? Or a proposal somewhere by someone?

With luck, other programs will gravitate to Canvas’ json format. It’s an open standard and should be good enough, and Obsidian will be making their specification available.

WriteMonkey 3 used json as a format for its markdown note database, so it even offers the possibility of an all in one.


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